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If YOU’RE READY FOR your BEST! it’s time we talked!

Hi there! If your reading this then you probably realized that it’s time you worked with someone like me. I design Squarespace websites with a unique and consistent visual brand and web presence that will turn visitor into customers!

Your website should not only look and function beautifully, but it should be intuitive and user friendly. From smartphones to desktop, I will build you a responsive website that truly works for your business and brings you results.


Still asking if this is right for you?


Well, do you still need an amazing website? Have you also started and stoped more times then you can count? Then I can help you make it to the finish line!!

Let’s build a website together that you will be proud to share with the world!!!

Booking for November 2019


Here's a little about me


Lou Ella Kemp

I’m a Jersey Girl and currently I reside in Chesapeake, VA. I’m a Squarespace web designer with over 20 plus years of experience, creating gorgeous and engaging websites that provide strong visual branding.


Who said it had to be difficult!